Somewhere there was Jeannie in London, part 3

Tuesday was a full day but not because we were running around. One of the things that TH and I agreed that we would do is theater, specifically Shakespeare.

We started the day going to see a couple of sacred buildings; Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, Westminster was closed due to the Royal family being in London and there was a procession happening in the area. Many streets were blocked off and police were everywhere keeping the peace and directing people to get to their destinations. There were also anti-war demonstrators camped nearby. We saw some of the procession but I don’t think any of the carriages contained Royal members. TH believes he saw the Queen in one of them.

Westminster Abbey
Big Ben

It was disappointing that Westminster was closed because of the Royal family’s arrival. It seemed rather silly but whatever. We continued on and went to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I waited for TH while he went in and looked around.

Quite honestly, I just got tired of paying to see a church! Really England!? Italy has more churches in their country with better things to see inside and they’re free! You don’t have any Carravaggios in any of your churches!

We then walked across the Millennium Bridge to The Shakespeare’s Globe to see Macbeth! The theater was amazing. It is open, no roof. It is a replica of the theater that was used during Shakespeare’s time. The seats were simple benches. A cushion cost £1. We got great seats with a great vantage point, lower level and slightly off-center to the left! I really enjoyed watching the performance of Macbeth. It is one of TH’s favorites. The performance was such an experience to watch especially for those who were standing up close to the stage. Yes, apparently, the standing room is by the stage. I would not recommend it but it is the cheapest tickets sold for each performance. For the performance of Macbeth, the floor audiences were covered with a fabric they pop their heads through the holes like a poncho. This was great effect for the play and the characters who mingled with the audiences and creating quite a stir! Oh, and I shouldn’t forget one minor detail; the lead actor playing Macbeth – OMFG, he is sof’ing HOT! Wowsza! His name is Elliot Cowan! And there were another guy that certainly got my attention; James McArdle; very nice voice and accent.

The Globe
The Globe
The Globe

Because the theater has no roof, we were exposed to the afternoon sun, and as a result, we got a bit of tanning while in England; never thought I would utter those words to anybody. I guess this is one of the common features of this theater because they were handing out visors and the ushers advised us that people have fainted in past performances.

I have to say that I was really engaged with the story; a credit to Shakespeare and the actors who did a wonderful performance.

The next day we rushed over to Westminster Abbey. Again, I waited for TH while he visited the church. Admissions to Westminster Abbey was ridiculously expensive.

Abraham Lincoln
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Then off to do last-minute round of shopping. We hit the popular department stores like Harvey Nichols but the ones TH and I wished we could have more time for was Liberty of London and Harrods. I loved the items offered at Liberty, most items seemed unique and I liked that they also featured their own products. I almost purchased an interesting shoulder bag but it lacked practicality. I was interested in their line of print fabric but didn’t have the time to look at my leisure. I also loved that Liberty of London is in a Tudor house! I would have loved more time; they have a wonderful shoe collection!

Harrods was amazing, of course, especially for food items as gifts. Got lots of chocolates and a box of toffee and a bag of gummy cherries. Yes, I am very well aware that I can get those anywhere but I was flying back and I could use a little something sweet on the flight. We got some English mustard that really cleared the sinuses. I was disappointed that TH didn’t get loose teas by the weight. I bought him a variety when I was in Harrods nine years ago and he has raved about the quality ever since. He did get some teas but they were pre-packaged.

I hoped to buy a bag for my mom and myself that were specifically by UK designers but sadly, Harrods did not carry any, which was not the case nine years ago when I purchased a couple. All the department stores that we visited were carrying common brand names which are available in major cities; Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Fendi, etc. There was a beautiful bag by Jil Sanders that we saw at Liberty which TH agreed was an exquisite and unique bag bu I wasn’t going to pay for that in GBP.

It was a whirlwind shopping experience and then off we went to the airport.

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Here are links to the department stores we quickly visited, Harrods and Liberty of London.

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