Sleeping around England

We stayed at several different types of accommodations while visiting different areas of England; B&B’s, inns, hotels, and a castle. Staying at each type based on the location enhanced our traveling around England.

All of the rooms were equipped with coffee and tea making facilities, TV, hair dryer, lots of towels, and brand name toiletries. The rooms were clean and the beds were very comfortable. WiFi access was complimentary at all the accommodations we stayed at. Breakfast was included in the room rates as well as the VAT. Most offered hot breakfasts like the full English breakfast on their menu. Parking was also available; it was either complimentary or vouchers were provided for a small fee.

Most of the B&B’s, guest houses, and inns have been renovated to become accommodations for visitors. Some may have historical significance, which meant a notable figure once lived there. These types of accommodations tend to not have elevators. The stairs are usually old and narrow, which made carrying our luggage a bit of a challenge at times.

Below is a list of places where we stayed at and are listed in the order of our top favorites to least favorite(s).

  1. Bovey Castle
  2. Hoxton Hotel
  3. Jeake’s House
  4. Guy Fawkes Inn
  5. The King Alfred Pub
  6. Apple tree guest house
  7. Sir Christopher Wren’s House Hotel & Spa

1. Bovey Castle, Devon

If you haven’t read my post about Bovey Castle, click here; it will explain to you why it’s top of the list.

Bovey Castle.


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