Eating and shopping in England

For some reason, when people asked us about our trip to England, they are surprised to hear that we ate well and enjoyed the food. Granted, the English are not known respectively for great cuisine like the French and Chinese but what they lacked in exotic flavors were made up by the fact that the food they offered were comforting and local of the region. Although we generally enjoyed our food, not every dish was as enjoyable.

For instance,TH and I did not have descent fish and chips experience. We ordered F&C on separate occasions in different types of eatery. I had my fish & chips at the Union Inn in Rye, our first evening in England. It lacked seasoning. TH ate his fish and chips in a chain seafood restaurant called the Loch Fyne while we were in Bath. He thought it was bland. He also didn’t like the side of mushy peas, which he didn’t know what it was at first.

Fish & Chips at the Union Inn in Rye.

Fish & Chips with mushy peas and tartar sauce at Loch Fyne in Bath.


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