Clotted cream fudges

Ever since I returned home to New York City, I’ve been pining for those amazing clotted cream fudges from Bovey Castle. I’ve never had fudges like those before and have never seen them in any other flavors other than chocolate until we were traveling around England. I had noticed a shop window in St. Ives, Cornwall that sold things that I assumed to be fudges but I wasn’t sure because it was offered in all sorts of colors and flavors. I remember one was in cherry – I love almost anything cherry.

So while drafting up the post about Bovey Castle and wanting to check on my facts, I contacted Bovey Castle to inquire about the sweet treats that were left after the turn down service. I had explained how I fell in love with the sweet clotted cream delights, and I wasn’t able to find anything of such comparison to take back home with me. I inquired if their fudges were for sale; thinking of my next visit to Bovey Castle.

To my surprise, I received a response from housekeeping at Bovey Castle. They informed me that they spoke with the chef and they will send me a few bundles of the fudges. I was elated with joy and happiness! I could almost feel the dense grainy texture and taste the caramelized sugar blended with wonderful clotted cream. The fudges brings back fond memories of Bovey Castle and St. Ives, Cornwall. It was during our drive down to St. Ives that I first tried it and fell in love with these delightful sugar and cream treats.

When the package finally arrived, I quickly tore open the box. It was filled to the brim with green foam peanuts protecting 10 wonderfully packaged clotted cream fudges; 4 in each parcel! Sweet joy! I shared a few bags so I have to enjoy the remaining parcels sparingly.

Cute little pacakge of clotted cream fudge from Bovey Castle.

Pieces of clotted cream fudge! Reminds me of Devon and Cornwall.


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