Travel Bucket List

I’ve been meaning to write this post but have put it off for some time. I’m doing it now because I was inspired by a tweet. I had noticed a tweet announcing the next topic for discussion among the travel folks on twitter. The topic was “travel bucket list”. I thought it was such a fun topic to share and I had every intention to join the discussion. I wanted to see what people’s destinations were but I completely missed it! 😦

And then I realized that I have  a forum where I can share my travel bucket list. I have a list of 5 destinations. I have more but I want to start with the first 5 that came to mind.

  1. Kilimanjaro
  2. Scotland
  3. Morocco (interior and along the coast)
  4. Venice, Italy during Carnival
  5. China and Hong Kong

Kilimanjaro - photo by Dr. Zsolt Zatrok

Kilimanjaro is one of those places I want to go in the next 5 years. I was first inspired to climb Kilimanjaro when I watched a documentary at the Natural History Museum in NYC about 8 years ago (?). The documentary is called, Kilimanjaro to the Roof of Africa. You can view a clip of the documentary here. You can also purchase the video on

There is something about the changing landscape from beautiful lush forest to cold snowy mountain top that just appeals to my sense of adventure. All achievable by walking and hiking. I’m not suggesting it is an easy feat to undertake. I am fully aware I will need to prepare and train myself as it will require stamina to be on the move for about 8 hours a day, and exerting the body beyond the daily routine. I am not an outdoorsy person but I am will to sacrifice creature comfort conveniences to accomplish this, which is not typical of me and my idea of traveling.

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland - photo by Nauris Paulins

Scotland is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. I don’t remember when the idea was first planted in my head but when I envision visiting Scotland, it’s always to experience the country. I wouldn’t mind visiting the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow but it is not a priority. To be quite honest I don’t know much about Scotland other than what I have seen in movies or TV; green grasses, hills and cliffs overlooking the blue sea beyond, lochs, mossy forests and always with an overcast of thick heavy clouds that occasionally break to let a bit of glorious sunshine through. I don’t have a specific destination in Scotland but I’m not worried about finding what I’m looking for either.

Morocco is a beautiful and exotic country with varying landscapes. I’ve already been to Morocco but we visited the major city hubs like Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, and Casablanca as well as Ouarzzate and the Sahara; we only spent 14 days. I’d like to return to see the rest of Morocco. The interior is just as exotic if not more so than the cities as it is in a more rural and remote setting. I want to see the ranges of the Atlas Mountains and the lush Dades Valley and Todra Gorges. The coasts of Morocco is gorgeous and full of seaside character. Both regions offering lots of wonderful opportunities for breathtaking photography. I want to get an authentic experience of Morocco and immerse myself in the country and culture. It’s a very casual country. I felt really relaxed when I was there last. (I’ll be blogging about that and post it to the blog)

Morocco - photo by lienxin from stock.xchng

I love Venice! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve been there three times but I would love to return during carnival when people are dressed up in fanciful costumes and beautiful masks which has become synonymous with Venice. The masks are always expressionless but yet always leave me feeling a bit intimidated because their faces are so straight but I love them. I love the fact that there is a history behind each mask motif as well as it is a craft that you have to learn from a master. The masks are indeed beautiful and I would love to collect them all. I have two so far.

In fact, if I could extend my travel bucket list, I would love to apprentice as a mask maker and designer. It just seems like such an amazing craft to create a shell that becomes alive when it is placed over one’s face. But if that is not possible, I would be very content to just revel and witness the jubilation of carnival.

Carnival in Venice, Italy - photo by Belén Galán.

China and Hong Kong is the motherland as they say. My parents were originally from there, and they haven’t been back since settling in NYC. It’s always good to return to your roots and see your family’s history, and apparently I still have distant relatives in China living in the home and village of my father’s father.

I grew up watching HK produced movies and soaps so it’ll be interesting to experience the city in person. And let’s not forget about indulging on one of the world’s best cuisine – Chinese! There are many regions in China, each with their own distinct flavors and foods.

Hong Kong skyline - photo by Cynthia Yip

Do you have a travel bucket list? Perhaps you would like to share yours here? Or if you have a recommendation and suggestion for any of the destinations I’ve listed, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


One response to “Travel Bucket List

  1. I love Scotland… honestly, couldn’t recommend it more. And everything you said about it, is exactly what you’ll get. Beautiful views in every direction, few people (esp. northern scotland), and delicious food. I feel in love in Edinburgh, so I can’t say enough about the city, either.

    Recently went to HK and China for the first time in June, and my biggest advice would be to visit in late Fall or Spring. The humidity was just awful- we were sweating at 7am, just walking out of our hotel!!! The cities were really cool- just so hot.

    oh, and Venice is my favorite!

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