As much as I admire the various travel writers and bloggers, I don’t envy their lifestyle. I would love to travel the world, take pictures of breathtaking vistas, inspire others with words illustrating my adventures, and get paid to do all this. Alas, my personality would not be able to handle the pressures of securing the next gig and traveling the world on a publication’s deadline especially when there are so many seasoned travel writers and bloggers out there already. I, like so many others, are accustomed with our daily routine, and it helps to know we get a paycheck every two weeks, and have a place to go to called “home”. It’s a very comfortable lifestyle. However, if there is one thing I would dare to do to break up the monotony of my life, it would be to sail the world on a yacht.

This idea is very much out of character for me in so many ways that it is considered a crazy idea. For one, I don’t know how to sail or steer a boat. I also don’t know how to swim so if I end up overboard, I’m as good as dead. Living on a floating vessel although not too dissimilar to living out of a van; it is a lifestyle I could live with. And I see myself doing this while raising our first child. That last bit is crazy…

I would try to visit as many places in one year. Income would be earned with temporary work, of course. We would hit ports like Venice, somewhere in the south of France, Tangiers, Cyprus, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Sydney to name a few. The idea of traveling the world by docking from port to port stimulates my sense for adventure. I do think there is something exciting about experiencing a country through its ports. It offers a different perspective. At times it may seem seedy and unsavory and at other times, idyllic and arriving at paradise.

Not sure if this dream will become a reality but at the moment, I enjoy dreaming about the possibilities.

photo by Ann-Kathrin Rehse


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