Scotland: Schematic Itinerary

This is a schematic of my itinerary for Scotland, which I foresee traveling to at least 3 times. Although I have explained that my interest in visiting Scotland is to see the country, I do think I should see Glasgow and Edinburgh – my first visit. I would be making this trip without TH. I figure 7 days between these two cities would be plenty and leisurely. I may opt to book my accommodations thru one of those self catering homes.

I don’t have a specific itinerary for Glasgow and Edinburgh other than seeing notable architecture and tweet up with a couple of tweeples. I’d like to know what the Chinese community is like, maybe even have dim sum or something. And I would also like to check out a couple of comedy clubs, too. Shopping and eating and drinking.

photo of Edinburgh by Jon Campbell

I’ve been listening to MacAulay and Co. on the BBC Radio Scotland especially during the famous Edinburgh Festival, which will be the second itinerary. Mr. MacAulay featured many talented comics on his morning show, which was broadcasted live during the Festival. It’s a 3 week long festival of arts and comedy. Depending on the comic and arts performances, I anticipate spending up to 14 days in Edinburgh for the festival.

I hear the city gets a little crazy during this time, which is why I want to make my first visit to Edinburgh before I attend the Festival. I won’t be able to see the city for itself with all the tourists pouring into Edinburgh from all over. I don’t think I’ve ever had any desire to make a specific trip to some place for a specific event other than wanting to go to Venice during Carnival. I want to see Fred MacAulay during his live broadcast of his show at the festival and him performing stand-up should he be doing one. I also want to see the following comics and acts:

Reginald D. Hunter
Desmond bishop
Comedy bitch
Sammy j
Elis James
Andrew Maxwell
Lewis Macleod
Barry from Watford
Dave Thorton
Inglorious Stereo


The other visit will be to tour Scotland for 2 weeks, similar to our trip to England. On this trip, I want to do as many things Scottish as possible like:

1. Learn to golf at St. Andrews, the famous destination for golf tournaments and birthplace of golf.
2. Tour one of the whisky distilleries.
3. Stay at a castle.
4. Walk some area of the Highlands.
5. Visit a few of the islands. TH has expressed wanting to go to the Shetlands and ride the ponies – he’s part joking and part serious. He had expressed taking home a little lamb while we were in Devon…

photo of whisky distillery in Scotland by Kostya Kakaskind

6. I’d like to see where the wool for the Shetland yarn comes from; perhaps a tour of how the wool/fleece is collected and produced into knitting and weaving material.
7. I’d love to cook something Scottish, like make haggis. I’ve already tried it in NYC – I definitely will eat it again while in Scotland but I would love to make one.
8. Learn to make a proper shortbread. I don’t particularly care for shortbread and that maybe because I had some version of it when I was young and didn’t like the texture of the cookie.
9. And if time permits and it’s not expensive, perhaps learn to play the bagpipe – I know, that one is pushing it a bit….maybe.

The Highlands, photo by B Cleary

I am looking forward to the day I sit down and plan out my first visit to Scotland, which will focus on Edinburgh and Glasgow. It will be nice to take in the city at a leisurely pace. And once I get to know Edinburgh, I look forward to returning during the Edinburgh (Fringe) Festival. I’m not sure if I want to do the 2 week tour of Scotland before or after doing the Edinburgh Festival. Won’t worry about that now….

If you have any recommendations for things too see, do, and eat, please leave a comment. It will be much appreciated.


2 responses to “Scotland: Schematic Itinerary

  1. Great plan to visit Scotland! Robert and I have been there and it’s definitely worth visiting!!! I’ll send some picures. We stayed in Edinbourgh for 5 days. One day we made a trip to a beautiful lake and castle – I’ll just have to Look up their correct names… Haggis will not become one of my favourite meals but at least I tried 🙂 Edinbourgh Castle is amazing and the audio Guide was very interesting. You should also enjoy some life music in One of the many pubs. I also enjoyed shopping. I love the special patterns of the clothes…

    Well, I’ll send you the pics!

  2. Scotland is one of my favorite places in the world. I love Edinburgh as well, but the highlands were gorgeous and awe inspiring. We took a four day tour to different parts of the highlands and absolutely loved our trip. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

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