Why I like Sony cameras

I’m not a camera enthusiast however, I certainly have an appreciation for the gear especially as they make advancement in digital photographic technology. So when I read a recent article in the NY Times about the soon to be released Sony A55 camera; I was psyched!

My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica MVC-CD400. The Mavica was exactly the camera I was looking for at the time. The main feature that attracted me was the recording method which used a mini CD as opposed to a memory card, which was expensive. The other feature the Mavica offered was the ability to photograph in black and white, or sepia, as well as other options.

As you may know, I currently own a Canon Rebel T2i. I’m very happy with this camera and although the specs were what I sought in the next camera (after the Mavica), there was something I always felt it lacked. I don’t mean specifically this model. All the cameras I looked at within that price range seemed to lack something. It occurred to me what that missing thing was on a recent outing where I was taking pictures of one of my favorite buildings in NYC. I was struggling with getting the correct aperture and exposure, and ended up taking lots of pictures that had more misses than hits. I thought to myself, given the advancements in digital camera technology I should be able to see the image I was capturing based on the settings before I released the shutter button. It would help to take some of the guess work out and eliminate the collection of images that I will eventually delete.

Well, Sony has supposedly done this with it’s latest model, the A55 with the EVF (electronic viewfinder). If I understand the various reviews of the A55’s EVF, this may be the digital camera that solves my recent issue, which is being able to “…see my exposure as I was shooting. Because it’s an EVF, you’ll know right away if you’re overexposing, or if your white balance is off. With the need to chimp mitigated by the live shooting experience, I missed fewer shots.” (quoted from Photopop.com review of the Sony A55)

The EVF is a major feature that has me excited about the Sony A55 as well the LCD screen being able to be pulled out and rotated. Another great feature on the A55 is the Sweep Panorama mode, which takes your photos and stitches them together for you!

I’m looking forward to this camera coming and so I can examine it for myself. It’s supposed to be released in October.

Review for the Sony A55 by David Pogue for the New York Times.

Review for the Sony A55 by DPReview.

Review for the Canon Rebel T2i by DPReview.


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