The Travelers

I recently visited the Museum of Chinese in America, which was designed by Maya Lin. In wandering around the museum, I noticed a table that had a sign and the word “travel-” caught my eyes. I examined the sign closer and realized that it was a participant based art project.

The project is called The Travelers, created by artist, Lee Mingwei. With the help of people, 100 custom-made books will travel around the world for one year and return to MOCA (Museum of Chinese America) filled with personal stories about “leaving home”.

I thought this was such a poetic project especially as it relates to my interest in traveling, photography, documentation, and social media like Twitter. I have met some really awesome people on Twitter especially the travel community, which is why I would LOVE for the travel community to participate and be part of what will be a wonderful exhibition next year!

Instructions are included in the book but I have provided a briefing of the guide to this project so you understand what you have to do before you agree to participate.

  1. participants are asked to write a personal story about “leaving home”.
  2. sign in the book and create and account on the The Travelers companion website at
    1. the website will track all 100 books.
    2. you will be asked to upload your current location, which may be the same location as your story.
    3. you can upload up to 5 images that illustrate your story.
  3. when you are finished, pass it along to someone who is interested in sharing their story (I’d like to suggest passing it along to someone within the travel community on Twitter?)
  4. you can find out more about the artist, Lee Mingwei at his website and his travel blog.
  5. the exhibition will debut November 2011, so hope you can visit NYC at that time.

So, ideally, I would LOVE for the travel community on Twitter to participate as I am sure you all have very interesting stories to tell about “leaving home” as well as amazing photographs to share. Please leave a comment with your interest along with your Twitter handle or send me tweet.

The idea would be that each recipient would announce they have received The Travelers book and send out a tweet for someone else to request the book and you send it onto them. People who are interested can follow the hashtag #thetravelersmoca

**Please note that you are responsible for the shipping and handling fees of sending the book around the world.**

**There’s also an Author Consent Agreement, which you can find on their MOCA’s website if you have any concerns.**


one of 100 books that will travel around the world collecting personal stories about "leaving home".



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