My attempt at apple dumplings

I was inspired to make my own apple dumplings after reading and drooling over some else who blogged about their apple dumplings. Unfortunately, when I was ready to make them, I could not remember where I originally read the blog post. Luckily, I read it enough to get the basic concept of what was required to make them.

The apples
Apples and pears were in abundance at the Union Square Farmers’ Market so I picked up a couple of varieties (sorry i don’t recall their names, maybe you will recognize them in?). I didn’t want to waste time making the dough so I bought the ones that come already made. I wanted to use puff pastry sheets from Pepperidge Farms but that wasn’t available so I used pie crust dough from the local supermarket.

apple dumplings
I peeled the apples, and since I didn’t have an apple corer, I split the apples in half and cut out the core and then pieced them back together. The apples sat on a ginger spread from Ginger People and filled the core with a little bit of butter and a cinnamon sugar and nutmeg mixture in layers. I topped the apple off with more ginger spread and sprinkled the sugar mix around the apple. The apples were then wrapped up and placed in an oven proof dish and popped into the oven at the recommended temperature on the dough package.
When there were finally done, the kitchen was aromatic with buttery sweetness and spice. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as nice as I would have liked.
baked apple dumplings
The pie crust was not a good alternative to using the puff pastry sheets. Instead of coming out looking golden brown and delicious, it looked dry and chalky. Adding more butter to at least give it a nice buttery shine didn’t work either. The pie crust just absorbed it.

baked apple dumplings
Despite it’s appearance, it tasted good. Not great although TH loved it. He was very pleased with the warm dessert even though I was grumbling from the corner of my mouth. Well, I learned two things. One, don’t ever use pie crust dough for anything other than for pies. Two, if preferred puff pastry sheets are not available, suck it up and make your own!


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