I’m a gonna be a cowgirl, again!

I'm a cowgirl - "YEE-HAW!"

Me in TX, c. 2005


Looks like I may be returning to the Lone Star state this year. I was supposed to go last year in October for a wedding but that was postponed. I spoke with the bride-to-be recently, and it looks like the wedding may be set for the near future! I’m very excited for my friend, of course, and I’m looking forward to returning to Austin. I mainly like the idea of the opportunity to being a cowgirl in Texas even if it is only just to wear my straw cowgirl hat around town. Besides, I think I need an updated photo of myself with the same hat anyways. The one I have is from 2005!

I don’t know what my plans are for Austin other than supporting my friend (and bride-to-be) as one of her bride’s maids but I will be reading Gran Tourismo Travels blog posts about their visit in Austin for inspiration and ideas. They are one of my favorite bloggers – insightful and thorough writing with mouth-watering photographs!


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