My Top 10 Memorable Food Moments Abroad

When I reminisce of the places I’ve visited, I almost always smell the sweet perfume and taste the savory aromas of my travels.

Cold meats platter


  1. Drinking mint tea morning, noon, and night while traveling around Morocco. Mint tea will always remind me of Morocco.
  2. Enjoyed a traditional Moroccan dish called Pastilla at Dar Yarcout in Marrakech. Such a lovely combination of flaky pastry, crunchy texture of crushed almonds, and a balance of sweet and savory flavors.
  3. We had an incredible boar stew at a local restaurant, Aranyszarvas Vendéglő, in Budapest that specialized in game.
  4. I devoured a spiny lobster in a treehouse restaurant, Jemma’s Treehouse, on the sister island of Tobago without injuring myself.
  5. I also devoured the best roti at Wings while visiting Trinidad; saucy curry goodness and finger-licking good! And served with a side of curried preserved mangos! Yum!
  6. My friends took me to a restaurant that served homemade organic cured meats in their hometown of Klagenfurt.
  7. Classic Viennese cuisine of braised meat, nodel, and sauerkraut at Gasthaus UBL, a tip from a local Austrian in Vienna.
  8. Indulged in handmade chocolate truffles made by a local architect, Dean’s Sweets, in Portland, Maine.
  9. Strawberry trifle at Fore Street Restaurant in Portland, Maine made with strawberries picked earlier in the season and preserved. It tasted as fresh as the day it was picked!
  10. And lastly, instead of drinking flat, warm beers in England, we enjoyed many fine English ciders. My favorite is Aspall Draught Suffolk Cyder.

**This post has been entered into the Grantourismo HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition.**


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