YEE-Ha! I’m going to Texas!

It’s official! I am going to Texas! YEE-HA! I’ve booked my flight and reserved my accommodations. I’ll be packing my cowgirl hat and getting an updated picture of myself with it. Maybe I’ll even try riding one of those mechanical bulls?

Cowgirl hat

I am excited about returning to Austin, Texas because I’ll be going on my own and meeting my friends out there. You see, my friend is getting married and I am a member of the wedding party; one of the bride’s maids. This is the main reason I am returning and while I’m there, I am going to make up for some missed eating opportunities.

I plan to eat the best finger-licking-good BBQ ribs Austin, Texas has to offer. And let’s not forget a bowl of some spicy chili! I did not have a chance to have chili last time I was in Texas. This will be corrected. Mmmm-mmm! Thinking about these good eats is making me salivate.

Photo by Charles Thompson.

Plus, my friend and bride-to-be has told me of the best tiramisu she has had and swears by it. She has me intrigued, and so I will be the judge of this tiramisu that my friend claims as “so good!” She also told me about these things called wing-dings which you can buy at Target; fried chicken whose meat you can just suck right off the bone and tastes irresistibly good. Apparently, this is only available in Texas. She has me curious and I’m not big on fried foods.

In addition to pigging out, I’d like to do a bit of shopping and bring home a bit of Austin, Texas to NYC.

Cowgirl boots! When I was in Austin in 2005, cowboy boots were the rage! I think the remake of Dukes of Hazard was released. Anyways, at the time, I was eyeing a pair of Lucchese boots, and they cost $600!

Photo by Matthew Maaskant.

Hot sauce is something I’d like to bring back to NYC! I know you can get hot sauce in NYC but there’s something nice about bringing back hot sauce that is a pride of where I’ve visited. I believe Austin and Texas takes pride in their hot sauces. I just have to find one that won’t kill us when we put a splash on our foods.

Seasoned or spiced pecans. If you didn’t know, Texas grows pecans. I’m not big on pecan pie but I do enjoy pecans but not as much as I have ever since our stay at the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa, TX. They sold packets of these spiced pecans from Davis Mountain Nut Co., which I enjoyed on our drive back to the airport from Marfa.

Honey! I love a good jar of honey. If there is anything I could bring the taste of Austin, Texas back with me to NYC; it is honey! I’ve brought back honey from Klagenfurt and Vancouver.

Photo by Phil Beard.

Austin is where Whole Foods was found, and where the flagship store is located. I’m sure to find lots of local goods to bring back with me to NYC – one stop shopping is what I like especially when my time is limited.

I’ll be flying with Jetblue for the first time so I am excited about that. I want to experience the hype first hand, the terminal at JFK and the various amenities they tout about.

And I made reservations at a boutique hotel in trendy SoCo (South Congress). SoCo has got shops and fantastic places to eat. I’m not sure if I will have time to sample any of them as my time will be limited. In any case, I look forward to my stay.



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