Returning to England

It is mid May, and I can’t help but reminisce about our amazing 2 week tour of England. It was exactly a year to this date that we first arrived in London, packed into our rental car, and headed south to Rye, a cute town whose history dates back to pre Norman Conquest times as a small fishing community. (1)

The Landgate

I remember one of our pleasant walks around Rye, and eventually arriving at Ypres Tower. We were looking out towards the grassy fields where sheeps and lambs graze today but were once where boats and ships came ashore. I also couldn’t help but admire the town’s architecture, whose structures, materials and style reflected the different stages of the town’s history. For instance, the remains of some of the stone structures that once fortified the city against foreign invaders, and the many beautiful homes that once belonged to successful tradesmen; some serving as bed and breakfast accommodations.

We will attack at dawn

The Old Bell Inn
High Street

Even though our visit to Rye was limited, we enjoyed our stay in this charming and quiet town with its winding cobbled streets and architecture that speaks of it great history as a a defense against foreign enemies and business port.

Woman crossing street

To view more photos of the town of Rye, please visit my Flickr page.


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