A Canterbury tale

A year ago, we were in the city of Canterbury to visit the great cathedral with it’s detailed stained glass windows and soaring Gothic architectural details.

Canterbury ceiling

Stained glass at Canterbury

Canterbury bell tower

Our visit was limited to only Canterbury Cathedral. The rest of the town seemed to bustle with many tourists. We did stop in for a light lunch of tea and scones at a nearby popular teashop before we returned on the road to our next destination, Leeds Castle.

Leeds Castle was our first visit to a castle since our arrival to England. Despite the name of the castle, it is not located in Leeds. Instead, it is near Maidstone in Kent. The grounds of Leeds Castle is very pretty and well cared for. We noticed people having picnics on the lawn. As we approached the castle, we noticed it was surrounded by a moat as seen in movies and cartoons. This was a proper castle; stone, turrets, banners flapping in the wind, large doors, etc. The interiors are exquisite if you like that kind of stuff. The castle interior featured several different periods of ownership, illustrating how some of the past residence once lived.
Wisteria Cottage

Leeds Castle
Sitting room at Leeds Castle

Afterwards, we continue to walk around the grounds and entered the aviary and looked at the various exotic birds kept on the Leeds Castle estate. There was also a hedge maze which we entered and tried to find our way to the center. Luckily, helped was offered and we eventually got to the center and then entered the grotto, which was the way out of the maze.

We returned to Rye, tired and hungry. After dinner, we had a relaxing evening at a nearby hotel bar, which had a nice and comfortable vibe before finally retiring for the evening.

To view more photos from Canterbury Cathedral, please click here.
To view more photos from Leeds Castle, please click here.


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