Going to court

The highlight of the third day in England was Hampton Court but before we arrived, we went to the town of Petworth to visit Petworth House, which is famous for its collection of paintings and garden. Though the art collection was quite impressive, I was more interested in the garden. I remember the air was cool with a fragrant breeze. People were also having picnics on the grounds of the Petworth House garden.

These smell pretty!

Petworth Estate

When we finally arrived at Hampton Court, we were greeted by the King (Henry) who waltzed confidently with his newly wedded wife, Queen Kateryn Parr. They pranced and showcased each other. Though the theatrics was a bit much, the performance was entertaining.

King Henry VIII

Hampton Court
Hampton Court was an amazing palace to visit. And although the sumptuous interiors were incredibly detailed, I was much more excited about the gardens. The gardens within the walls of Hampton Court were exceptionally beautiful! There were flowers with a great variety of color amazing colors and hedges that divided the gardens into a sort of secret garden. I could wander around there all day if I had the time…

Hampton Court Gardens
me in hampton court gardens

Private garden

A sweet purple bud


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