Ancient ruins and tea time in a castle

One of the best moments I will always remember is our drive along A303 and recognizing Stonehenge in the distance. We weren’t planning to visit the ancient ruin this soon in our tour of England, but it seemed ridiculous to pass up the opportunity when Stonehenge was literally in front of us. It was sorta raining that day; enough that I pulled out my trusty umbrella however, I forgot to take my camera battery so the only photos I have of the amazing Stonehenge is with my iPhone 3GS.


I'm at Stonehenge!

Eventually the skies cleared and the sun began to shine when we arrived at Bovey Castle, which is nestled in Dartmoor National Park. It was that afternoon that I finally had my English afternoon tea – how I’ve longed to experience this English tradition. The English afternoon tea service was as I had anticipated. A pot of tea (mint) and the three tiered trays of goodies; finger sandwiches with the crust cut off, scones with clotted devonshire cream and jam, and pastries to top off the experience! I couldn’t have been happier!

Dartmoor National Park

Bovey Castle
Ladies' sitting room

Main sitting room

Finger sandwiches


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