Austin Eats

Some of you may be aware that I was really looking forward to some authentic Texas BBQ ribs and a bowl of chili. Well, without going into the details, I almost returned home to NYC without having tasted any of Texas’ specialties. I say almost because I did get a bowl of Texas chili at the airport. If you are not familiar with Texas chili, it is mostly meat with few or no fillers like beans or rice. I got my bowl of chili from Waterloo Icehouse, near gate 7 at Austin-Bergen International Airport. The one I had did not have any beans; that’s my kind if chili! And personally, that’s what chili ought to be; bean-less! The bowl of chili was piping hot. It was pretty tasty and full of spices! It was topped off with red onions and cheddar cheese with sour cream on the side.

Texas chili
And before I left Austin, I had a scoop of Amy’s Ice Cream at the airport, too. I wasn’t adventurous with the ice cream flavors. I had strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. It was very good!

Strawberry ice cream

I did not feel bad for getting last-minute eats at the airport because the foods that are offered are available in Austin. For instance, there is an Amy’s Ice Cream located not too far from the Hotel San Jose. I walked past it a few times but was never in the mood for ice cream. I think it’s great that Austin Airport offers visitors a last-minute opportunity to feast on Austin good eats.

I only had one other opportunity to eat on my own. Hop Doddy was highly recommended by a local, Elizabeth. She also recommended their milkshakes, too. Plus, Hop Doddy is very close to Hotel San Jose. The burger joint was very popular that evening on a Monday. The ordering structure was a bit intimidating though not uncommon. You stand in line to order your food, while you are waiting in line, a host will assign you a table. Seeing as I was eating alone, the host suggested sitting at the bar. Plus, I would get my food faster.

Hop Doddy

I ordered the Buffalo Bill burger and Dutch Chocolate milkshake. The burger was made to perfection; medium rare. And it tasted incredible! The combination of toppings included Maytag Blue Cheese, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Sassy Sauce. The milkshake was probably the best I have ever had. I was expecting it to look more chocolate-y but regardless, it tasted pretty damn good! Having the milkshake was the perfect accompaniment with the juicy and flavorful burger.

And in the mornings, I did not have breakfast. I don’t have an appetite knowing there are things I have to do in a limited time or some place I have to be. Instead, I treated myself to a tasty green tea chai latte at, Jo’s, which is a coffee and food stand right next door to Hotel San Jose. I have not seen a green tea chai latte offered in NYC. It is a lighter beverage than the typical chai latte in color and taste. It was a nice way to keep cool in the morning sun and humidity in Austin.

Oh, and I did try the wing-dings offered at Walmart that my friend, Danielle, has been raving about. Well, I can attest that they were as good as exclaimed! They are similar to buffalo wings but better! So much better! The meat literally melts off the bones. The skin in crispy and full of flavor, which helps to seal in all the lovely juiciness of the chicken meat. I could have easily eaten a whole bag by myself.

Yes, I was a bit disappointed that I did not have Texas BBQ ribs. It was one of the things I was looking forward to but hey, there’s always next time, right? At the very least, I enjoyed some really good eats while I was in Austin.


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