Wedding Preparations

Most of my days were spent preparing and taking part in the wedding celebrations. I was one of the bridesmaids; really an honor to be included in my friend’s momentous occasion. The last time I traveled for an occasion was to Austria for another friend’s wedding. I was also a bridesmaid for her wedding, too.

We had one day of events. It started off with a lovely Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea service, which was hosted by “J” (a friend of the bride) and her business partner “H”. They did a fabulous job organizing and operating the event. The bride’s mother also made these delicious ice box lemon pies! Before we knew it, we had to hurry to the wedding rehearsal.

Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea

I was hoping to get in a little cowboy action while I was back in Texas. Last time I was in Texas, I went horseback riding in the country at a working ranch though I kept away from the “working” part… This time, I thought it would be apropos to do something a little adventurous especially if it’s an all ladies’ celebration. I suggested mechanical bull riding for one of the events of the bachelorette party. And that got some people excited, too! Unfortunately, the place we were planning to go for a crazy ride was closed for renovation! I was disappointed to say the least but the evening wasn’t about me.

All the ladies at the bachelorette party were accessorized in a cowgirl theme. Some of us wore mini cowboy hats covered in fuchsia glitter while some of us wore hot pink bandanas or handkerchiefs around our necks. Some even had badges.

At the time, two movies had been released that dealt with the subject of weddings. One was the Hang Over 2, and the other, Bridesmaids. Yes, we all went to see Bridesmaids at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema The Ritz on 6th Street in downtown Austin. This chain of movie theaters is unlike any I’ve been to. This one serves food and drinks, and I don’t mean sodas!

I personally loved the movie and I think everybody else did, too. The movie was hilarious and the type of humor was up my alley, which isn’t typically portrayed by women, so it was a great joy to see these women dealing with bodily functions that are usually common in male dominated comedy movies. Girls can be just as gross as boys if not more so – especially when women are held up to a certain image standard. I digress…

Afterwards, we surprised the bride-to-be with a black limo that was waiting for us outside the Alamo, which we had arranged to take us to a place called The Highball. While everybody else was sitting in the limo, I decided to do what most people do when they are in a limo; I stood up and through the roof deck and enjoyed the fresh evening Austin air while holding firmly to my hat.

IMG_0348-5.jpgThe HighBall

The Highball has bowling and karaoke. Can you guess, which activity we reserved for? Good thing I was the photographer because I can not sing for my life…! We started off singing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies“. We also sang “Proud Mary” and “Golddigga” – at least the ones I could remember…  Sorry, no photos to share…

The day of the wedding was hectic as you can imagine but when it finally went under way, it was quite moving and beautiful. Congratulations to my friends on their matrimonial bliss!! Here’s to a new life and pursuits together as one. All the best!


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