The Travelers project: Another update


I am happy to report that No. 76/100 of The Travelers project is making its way around the world!

In my last post, the book was on its way to merry ol’ England to @donna_de, an American living in London. She is battling from a disease called CMT. As a way to fight against CMT, she stays physically fit and participates in various athletic competitions. She’s really an inspiration! I highly encourage you to check out her website, which is appropriately called Beating Limitations.

The book was then shipped off up north to Scotland to an architect who is known on Twitter as @abbozzo_. Besides possessing talents as an architect, I encourage you to visit his website, he’s pretty good with the camera, too. You can see his photographic works on Flickr. I think of the participants I have asked to contribute to The Travelers project, he is one of two people I have yet to meet. Based on some of the quirky exchanges we have had and his professional and recreational endeavors, I wanted him to add his brand of creativity to the project.

The Travelers then returned stateside to South Carolina to a wonderful traveler and photographer friend, @kirsten_al, who was at the time traveling along the northwest coast of America before she arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia for TBEX 2011. She’s truly quite a gem found in the rough that is Twitter. Sweet, kind, and thoughtful. And she’s more than just a photographer and traveler. She’s a Jackie-of-all-trades. Check out her website where she writes about her travels and shows you of the wonderful places she has been and experienced.

The book was then locally passed off to @stepc, a Vancouver local and architect. I knew of her through a mutual friend who has mentioned her in passing conversations. I have not met her, and I’ve been to Vancouver twice! Both times visiting this mutual friend. From what I understand, she’s lived on both Canadian coasts, and has traveled to parts of the world I have yet to reach. From our exchanges, she’s passionate about her profession and Canadian politics. She has a kind of dry sarcasm, and some sass that I can appreciate in another professional female. And because of these things, I think she has a different perspective to add to this collection of stories.

And currently, #76 is on it’s way to @laradunston in Australia, who I am very excited to have participate! A final update to follow…stay tuned!


One response to “The Travelers project: Another update

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂 I’m very excited about being involved and thrilled that you thought of me. Thank you x

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