I. Am. Going. To. Scotland!

Yes, I am going to Scotland. I’ve been quietly making plans and recently found an airfare I can swallow without feeling sick to my stomach. I have a few things to finalize but the trip is set. I have my plane ticket. Accommodations are booked. I am excited and have something to look forward to in autumn.

Though I will be traveling by myself, I won’t necessarily be alone. I’m looking forward to meeting up with a few folks while I am in Scotland. As you know, I’m on Twitter and have met some interesting people from the UK whom I would have never come to know. Twitter is quite amazing in that when used properly, will connect you with some authentic people. The curious thing about this trip is that it seems I’ll be meeting more English people than Scottish people…hmmm.

My visit will focus between Edinburgh and Glasgow as I have stated in a previous post. A few days in each city; walking, sightseeing, eating, whisky tasting, and maybe a bit of shopping? I still have to figure out a general itinerary but I plan for an easy-going visit, and maybe some evening entertainment?

If you have recommendations of places I should visit, or places to eat, please leave comments below.

Stay tuned for updates.


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