My 7 Links…

I am honored to be nominated by Kirsten Alana for the My 7 Links project created by Tripbase. I must admit this is an interesting exercise that forces me to think back and respond to what I have been doing since I’ve started this blog/journal.

Most popular post Mobile Wifi with Fonmigo.
I wanted to stay connected while we were on a two week tour through England, and discovered this neat little device called a mobile wifi that provided you with a wifi connection for my Apple iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. No roaming charges and I had access almost wherever we were in England.

Most controversial post – It would have to be a post I wrote, Overstated article about overrated destinations, which was a response to an article I read about overrated destinations in the Chicago Tribune and LA Times.

Most helpful post – I guess the post that may be the most helpful is my review of a wonderful Viennese restaurant called Gasthaus UBL. The restaurant has no website and there are even fewer pictures available on the internet. So I guess those who are searching for more info about the restaurant want more than just people’s reviews.

Meat, kraut, and nodel

Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved – I would have liked the original post for The Travelers project to have generated independent. When I didn’t get interest, I sought it out and am more pleased with the response and interest from the people who have participated in this project.

Most beautiful post – That would have to be Somewhere There was Jeannie in York, Part 2 where we visited Castle Howard, a beautiful manor set in the countryside outside of York.

Castle Howard

A post whose success surprised me – I think it would be Flying domestic with Delta Airlines, at least that is what my stats tell me. I don’t know why it gets as many hits as it does but it certainly surprised me.

Post I am most proud of – would have to be The Travelers project: Another Updatebecause I was able to collect stories from people who were spread out all over the world, and who I considered to have amazing stories to share.


I nominate the following people to continue the My 7 Links project because these people offer a different perspective: @donna_de, @LifeInLoFiBlog, and @lumilyon.


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