Where can I get some haggis?

I’m looking forward to my visit to Edinburgh and Glasgow in the fall. Though I anticipate a relaxed itinerary there are a few things I must do while I am there. One of them is to eat haggis, Scotland’s national dish! I’ve already had it in NYC at a Scottish gastropub, which I enjoyed. And now that I’ll be heading over there, of course, I’m going to have haggis in the country it is synonymous with! How can you not?!

For those of you unfamiliar with haggis, it is basically prepared like a sausage. Barley, oats, seasoning and spices are mixed together with offal from a sheep. All these ingredients are packed into a casing made of sheep’s stomach lining. It is cooked by boiling it. Once the cooking is completed, the casing is cut open and the haggis is served on a plate along with neeps and tatties. Neeps are turnips. Tatties are potatoes, and both are traditionally served creamy and dressed with a whisky butter sauce! From my experience at Highlands in NYC, the offal was minced to the point that I could not discern it from the barley. You can read more about my Scottish dining experience at Highlands here.

For more info about haggis, click here.

Haggis, neeps, and tatties

So, where can I get some haggis?

Flipping through my limited collection of guidebooks, I found that Stravaigin serves up haggis, which is noted as “voted best in Scotland”. Stravaigin and Ubiquitous Chip are owned by the same people. They both offer haggis as a starter and as a main course. The difference between the two that I noticed is that at Ubiquitous Chip offer venison with their haggis, which piqued my interest!

Even an architect and artist team from Glasgow answered my Twitter query about haggis via @eat_haggis. As you can tell from their Twitter handle, they are promoting the eating of haggis. They, too, recommended haggis at Stravaigin.

Another Glaswegian who is known on Twitter as @iainthekid also provided me with another recommendation for haggis at Gandolfi. I also read that Gandolfi is a recommended restaurant in one of my guide books.

I met another Glaswegian on Twitter, @beatonthebraat, who answered my call on where I should have haggis. He suggested a restaurant called Arisaig, which he added that his aunt swears by. I checked out the menu at Arisaig , and I must admit the haggis on their menu appealed to me, too. It is served with roast chicken fillet. So I assume the haggis, neeps, and tatties are served at a smaller portion, which I can handle.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get any responses from folks in Edinburgh for haggis recommendations but there’s still time before I arrive so if you have any other recommendations for haggis in Edinburgh or Glasgow, please leave them in the comments below! Thanks!


2 responses to “Where can I get some haggis?

  1. Hi Jeannie

    Lots of tips here on haggis – where to buy it, how to cook it, how to eat it, including tips from an #Edinburgh food writer: bitly.com/fIgYid, the best specialty butcher’s to buy it: bitly.com/gBVakf and how Terence served it up as part of a dinner part we had in our holiday rental: bitly.com/dYQ6BK

    Making me miss Edinburgh! You’re going to love it 🙂

    a hug,

  2. Thanks, Lara for the tips! I have read the post where Terence served haggis as part of a dinner party. Always enjoy your blog!!

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