The Travelers project: Final update


The Travelers recently left Australia where it was received by the lovely @laradunston. You may know her as one half of @gran_tourismo, a husband and wife team of professional travelers, writers, and photographers.

I enjoy their tweets, their writings, and photographs! They tell great stories of their travels, which are informative and anecdotal. And the photographs that accompany their writing are inspirational! They make me want to get on a plane and go there!

I am very excited to have Lara contribute to the project as I know she has interesting stories, and she will no doubt have a thoughtful story to share given her background and profession. If you’re not following her, you should via:

And don’t forget to check out their website/blog – GranTourismo, and follow them on Twitter via @gran_tourismo

Currently The Travelers is on a return trip back to Scotland to collect one last story from @scarpadog, who I am very happy to have, and to conclude book #76 with. He is a talented architect, an avid photographer, and traveler. I highly encourage you to visit his website where you will see a collection of his architectural accomplishments, Flickr features his photography endeavors, and his blog where he writes honestly and openly about architecture and his life.

I look forward to having The Travelers book No. 76 in my hands again, and flip through the pages before I return it to the Museum of Chinese in America.


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