From the Big Apple to Motor City and back

I recently accompanied my friend on a road trip to Detroit. My friend was offered a great career opportunity and so she relocated to Detroit.

The drive from the Big Apple to Motor City was 10 hours. We spent an evening in Erie, Pennsylvania. We stayed at the Erie Downtown Hotel, which was a no frills bare basics hotel. It’s not a hotel I would normally choose to stay if I were on vacation but we were on a budget and this was not a leisure road trip. But it was inexpensive; $65 a night for a double with two beds. The hotel featured an outdoor pool, which we did not use. The room size was comfortable. The bathroom was a bit tight with just a shower tub and a toilet. The sink was in the main area just outside the bathroom. The towels were thin and may have not been laundered with softener. But it did the job of washing and drying you off. Plus, the hotel offered additional towels if we needed them – yes, please! The beds and bedding looked clean but were old. I could see the grooves of the mattress through the sheets when i pulled back the blankets. The pillows lacked volume but you could always stack up the pillows. The cooling and heating unit was noisy. That was my fault for leaving it on auto. We had to have it on because as soon as we entered the room, we were hit with a funky smell.

I don’t remember much of the hotel itself except that it was tired looking. This became apparent when we pulled into the back of the building to park the car. A chunk of the exterior building finish was missing. It was unsightly. The lobby was welcoming and spacious. You can see the pool on the other side. The hotel has a computer terminal for guests to use. There is also wifi but access was limited to the front half of the hotel and lobby. Staff was friendly and accommodating.

We woke up bright and early the next day, and returned on the road towards Cleveland to have some breakfast of champions at Grumpy’s.


We spent a little time walking around in Tremont and took a picture of the Cleveland skyline albeit obscured by a bridge and an industrial manufacturing.


And then we were back on the road towards Detroit. It was another 3 hours or so of driving before we arrived in Motor City. The drive through Ohio in Michigan was mostly sky and clouds along a busy freeway.

Unfortunately, I did not have any time to see much of Detroit. As soon as we got to Detroit, I had to immediately leave to catch my flight back to NYC via Spirit Airlines. I did notice that the city was not short of car dealerships…



One response to “From the Big Apple to Motor City and back

  1. Hi Jeannie!

    I stumbled across your blog today and really enjoy reading all your travel stories! It’s unfortunate you didn’t get to spend much time in Detroit, it’s a really neat city. What is your favorite place that you have traveled to? I am the social media coordinator at Midwest Living magazine and we are having a Facebook contest called, “My Best Midwest Getaway Contest,” which invites people to share stories of their favorite vacations anywhere in the Midwest, or one their dreaming of, for a chance to win $2,000 in prizes. If this is something you’re interested in you can enter one of two ways: or on our Facebook page,

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    Hayley Mason
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    Meredith Corporation

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