Spirit Sucks!

I’m sure you are aware that Spirit Airlines offers cheap flights to various destinations. They are able to offer such low airfares because they strip the cost down to the bare basics: the ticket grants you permission on board a flight to your destination plus gas and taxes. The ticket price increases when you begin to customize and add amenities to your ticket like check in your luggage or storing it in the overhead bin, choosing desired seats, snacks during the flight, etc.

I recently flew with Spirit Airlines from Detroit back to New York City. My ticket back to NYC cost $135 one-way. That is considered cheap and I bought the ticket a couple of days in advance. What annoyed me about my airfare was that they showed the price for the ticket and then they showed the added price for the fuel. First of all, why isn’t the cost of fuel included in the ticket price?! Why is it broken out? Why do I need how much fuel I’m paying for?

The other thing that annoyed me was being bombarded with their stupid $9 fare club at each new page I move onto next in purchasing my ticket. It was very distracting.

The flight was on time and boarding was orderly although there was the random baggage check, which I thought was wasteful. Boarding was by zone and people seemed to adhere to this policy.

Upon reaching my seat, I realized Spirit Airlines assigned me a middle seat. All I kept thinking was, I hope I don’t get sandwiched in between two large travelers. Instead, a man with a really pungent armpit smell sat next to me. The smell was unbearable! Luckily, I wouldn’t have to endure the smell for the entire flight. I moved over to the empty seat next to the window once the door to the plane was shut.

Detroit Metro Airport

Cloudy sky

I normally prefer to have an aisle seat but having a seat next to the window was a nice change. Seeing as there wasn’t any in-flight entertainment, looking out the window was my only form of entertainment. And it was especially nice to see New York City from above when we finally arrived in the Big Apple’s airspace.

Over Lower Manhattan

Over Central Park

The flight itself was uneventful although I have to say the seats really sucked! I felt every nudge and push from the person behind me who was accessing the pouch in front of them. It was very annoying how frequently the person behind me needed to reach for something in the seat pouch. The plane wasn’t thoroughly cleaned. There were bits of crumbs and food particles around. And the interior of the cabin was plastered with advertisements of Looney Tunes cartoon characters promoting a new show on Cartoon Network.

The landing was smooth but departing the plane was a nuisance and not at all efficient. We had to wait for the people to get their belongings from the overhead bins. Many of us were ready to get off the plane but due to the narrowness of the aisle, we had to wait.

We've landed!

The prospect of having to fly with Spirit Airlines saddens me especially when I have plans to visit my friend in Detroit again. I wasn’t completely uncomfortable but I certainly wasn’t treated like a welcomed guest on board this flight. I felt like cattle being herded on and off the plane. It is disappointing that this sort of travel service is becoming the norm.


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