What does “leaving home” mean to you?

Most people leave home at some point in their life. Some people leave home and never return, while others will always have a home to return to. This was the topic that was asked of participants to address for The Travelers art project by Lee Mingwei commissioned by the Museum of Chinese in America.

The exhibit opened on October 20, 2011 and will be available for viewing until March 26, 2012. I am disappointed to miss the opening but I will see the exhibit when I return. It would have been nice to see the exhibit and how people react or respond to the stories.

As you may know, I was really excited about having book No. 76 exhibited in the show. It had collected 9 stories! It was the most collected stories of all the books that were circulating in the world. After the hard work or reminding folks to complete their story and pass it along to the next person it is unfortunately NOT in the show. It is lost somewhere between Australia and New York. I don’t know what happened and tracking the book is limited.

In fact, we were having a lot of issues trying to get the book to leave Australia. It was supposed to go to Scotland but it never made it and when time was up, it had to be returned to me so I could personally drop the book off to MOCA.

In any case, I have asked the participants who have added their story to book No. 76 to post it on their blogs and below are the links to their stories.


I am 1 of the 10 participants of book No. 76 for the Travelers project. I hand picked 9 people who I know and follow on Twitter to also participate. I’ve met some of the people in person while others I have only had online exchanges with. It was through my interactions with them that I knew the following people I selected have a unique story to share about “leaving home”:

Donna’s story: Thoughts on Leaving Home – England **NEW**

Aaron’s story: My Meaning of Home – USA

My Story – USA

I want to thank all the participants for their stories. Their interests and enthusiasm with this project are greatly appreciated. The book and project would not be as successful without their stories. Thank you!


One response to “What does “leaving home” mean to you?

  1. I look forward to reading the stories, an interesting concept. Leaving home…. for some periods of time I left, but really New York City will always be my home and I shall always come back to her.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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