Afternoon tea at Hotel Missoni

I treated myself to afternoon tea after having successfully ascended Arthur’s Seat. I reserved afternoon tea at Hotel Missoni. I liked the idea of having a British tradition in what I imagined to be a very modern and stylized space. I was looking forward to the aromatic, palatable, visual, and spatial experience.


Upon entering the hotel, I was greeted by a man in a kilt made with Missoni’s signature patterned cloth. The hotel lobby is decorated with bold colors or striking patterns, and designer fixtures. The bar is set up basically upon the hotel entrance. Afternoon tea is served in the hotel bar. The server led me to the back of the bar where I sat singularly along a long banquet. I had the view of the entire bar; a perfect spot for people-watching though it wasn’t particularly busy that afternoon. I generally liked the interior design of the bar area but I thought the lighting was off. Lighting is something I normally wouldn’t be critical about unless it was too dim. The lighting in the bar was cool and unflattering. It made the rich teal painted wall look lifeless and the sumptuous red glossy table tops look uninspiring.

Afternoon tea

The tea service was okay though I was disappointed. They used a teabag as opposed to loose leaf teas. The foods seemed like a pretentious interpretation of the delicate finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. They were prepared as open-faced sandwiches using thick cut bread. The “sandwich” filling was much too generous; it did not make for a light meal.


I did not appreciate the plating. The scones were placed at the top of the tiered platter. The scones were small and lacked much physical character. It was served with a bit of jam and clotted cream, which was located on the middle platter with mini pastries. I must admit the mini pastries were very cute, and included a macaroon, a bomboloni (fried dough filled with cream), a binge filled with cream and coated with chocolate, and a piece of pistachio cake made with olive oil and polenta.

I wasn’t in food heaven as I had hoped. The food tasted okay. The bar is better suited for cocktails and drinks with some light electronica music playing in the background.

I would not recommend this place for afternoon tea especially for first timers and/or enthusiasts. I would suggest it for a different experience on a British tradition.


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