Scottish Parliament

I returned to the Scottish Parliament on my last day in Edinburgh. A friend, and an architect, had highly recommended that I visit this building.

The best way to make the most of the visit of Scottish Parliament was taking part on the guided tour of the building. The guided tour was interesting – it lasted about an hour, and the tour gained access to areas not permitted to the visiting public. It was a general tour though our guide did inform our group of some interesting architectural tidbits and confirmed my previous assumptions about the design of the building.


As I mentioned earlier, the advantage of the tour was access to certain spaces and because of this, photography was not permitted in those areas. For instance, we were taken into an atrium area, which can not be seen from the general public areas. As typical of most atrium spaces, this area is flooded with natural light from large windows and leaf shaped skylights above. I also think that the architectural details that are expressed in this particular space maybe better appreciated especially by those who doubt the design of the building and question the budget.


Tours are free so I highly recommend taking the tour if you have the time. It’s best to book in advance. For more information, please visit their website.


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