Eating in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is not short of restaurants offering a variety of quality, savory and sweet delights to satiate any foodie’s appetite for good eats. I only wished I ate more often during the course of the day. When I did eat, I indulged. One of the best meals I had in Edinburgh was at Kitchin in Leith. The head chef, Thomas Kitchin, is the youngest chef to have received a coveted Michelin star for his restaurant. Mr. Kitchin features fresh and local Scottish game, seafood, and produce on his menu. Dining at Kitchin was quite an experience, which I will share in more detail in the next post.

On our first evening, we ate at a place called Ghillie Dhu. I checked out the menu in advance and liked what I saw. They served mostly traditional Scottish dishes. I had the red currant and venison sausage with creamy mash. I was surprised by the amount of food they served; three sausages! I could barely finish two let alone eat all three and the mash! It was plenty of food for me. The sausages were not gamey but rich, which was complimented with the red currant sauce.


One of the things I also insisted on having was afternoon tea in Edinburgh. I did a bit of research and found that Hotel Missoni offered after afternoon tea. I liked the idea of partaking in the British tradition of afternoon tea in a modern setting. Details of my experience to follow in a future post.

Another place I was curious about was a place called Chocolate Soup where they serve (as you may have guessed) hot chocolate! It was a perfect treat or reward after hillwalking up Arthur’s Seat.

The hot chocolate at Chocolate Soup is a meal in itself! It is served in cups as big or bigger than soup bowls! And should you like to add whipped cream and marshmallows, you better be hungry! I had to pause and think about how I was going to attack this cup of decadent liquid chocolate, dairy, and sugar. Luckily they provide spoons because sipping this thing was not an option.


Although Starbucks did not originate in New York City, there are plenty of locations in Manhattan. So when I spotted a Starbucks seconds away from where I was staying, I couldn’t help but be comforted by the sight. The drinks are the same but served in ceramic cups (to drink in store) but I would ask to have my drink in a to-go cup. Unlike NYC, the Starbucks in Edinburgh still offered Starbuck’s signature hot chocolate. Oh, how I missed Starbucks Signature hot chocolate.

One night I found myself hungry. Mainly because I had an overly filling late afternoon tea. Most restaurants in Edinburgh close their kitchens around 9 or 10. It was not easy to find a place that opened after 10pm and still serving food but I was fortunate to find an Italian restaurant and pizzeria that was still serving food. I got myself a pizza pie to-go at Bar Napoli. The pie was about 15″ in diameter and thin crust. I was able to finish the whole pie except for the crust. It did the trick to satisfy my late night hunger.


Another place I was excited about was The Allotment, formerly known as Juice Almighty. It’s basically a juice bar. I had a berry smoothie one morning, which was pretty good although slightly tart. The next day, I had an amazing hot pear juice. It was better than any hot apple cider I ever had! I highly recommend this hot beverage over coffee or tea to warm you up in the morning.

I barely scratched the surface of Edinburgh’s food scene. I know I missed out on some fabulous cakes and other pastries that I’ve read about. I also didn’t get a chance to have porridge, which seems to be a popular and traditional breakfast. At least, when I return, I will spend less time on the sights and set my eyes and appetite on some good eats around Edinburgh.


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