A Portland getaway

We recently returned from a fantastic weekend getaway to Portland, Maine. I have been pining to return since my first visit in the winter of 2009/2010; to celebrate the new year. This time, we returned to celebrate TH’s birthday.

We flew from NYC to Portland. The flight was less than an hour via JetBlue. We rented a car during our stay in Portland. Budget offered the least expensive rental compared with the other companies, which charged almost $200 for the 3 and a half days. That was without adding insurances and an additional driver.

We stayed in a lovely inn in the west end part of Portland called the Percy Inn. The neighborhood is a mix of single family houses with restaurants and bars featuring live music. The people who populated these establishments seemed to be of the hipster breed. The inn is easily within a 10 minute walk to the Old Port. More about the Percy Inn in a future post.

While in Maine, we feasted on local seafood, drank beer, took day trips to neighboring towns, and visited a national park. There was even a festival on the day we were leaving. Luckily for us, our return flight was later in the day so we were able to enjoy the festival, and had a final lunch at Portland Lobster Company.

Greetings from Portland

It was nice being in Portland and briefly forgetting about our hectic lives in NYC. The pace was much slower, and we couldn’t help but notice the wholesome quality of life especially outside the city. The region is picturesque and rooted with history spanning before the Civil War that I found interesting like when I was told that most of the men who fought in the Civil War on behalf of the Union came from Maine. I did not know that and found it interesting because I had noticed a statue in Portland that paid tribute to the Unionists. I also like the fact, that Portland has an art museum and an art school. Portland features some fantastic restaurants and bars, too, which we didn’t get a chance to really explore during this trip. And lets not forget about the various unique and specialty shops like Dean’s Sweets, Simply Scandinavian, and Soakology.

Stay tuned as I go into more details about the trip in future posts.


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