Freeport and Bath

After a tasty lunch at Portland Lobster Company, we decided to take a drive to Freeport and Bath. These towns are approximately an hour or so outside Portland, and attract many visitors.

Freeport is known for two things. It is home to the flagship LL Bean store and the outlet shopping village. I am familiar with LL Bean’s outdoor apparel and shoes but I didn’t realize they also sell equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, which apparently included hunting weapons like rifles and crossbows. The rifles are openly displayed out on the floor. I couldn’t help but pick up one and hold it in my hands. I must admit, I was overwhelmed with excitement and unease as I tried to handle the rifle with my camera in one hand and my purse hanging off my shoulder. I was then caught off guard by a salesman who offered to take my photo with a rifle. I entertained it after getting encouragement from TH. So now there is a photo of me with a rifle.I don’t think I was holding the rifle properly. I’m also wearing glasses and smiling, which doesn’t add any intimidation to the photo as I would have preferred. I’ve always imagined that if a photo is ever taken of me with a firearm it would strike fear in anyone who looks upon the photo. This photo will be kept in my private collection.

I did not expect to do much shopping while on this trip. That changed when I stepped into the Cole Haan store and found a couple of pairs of shoes at marked down prices! And, I realized Maine’s sales tax is just 5%.

Town of Bath
Ginger ice cream

Bath, Maine

We then headed to Bath next, which TH described as a town being quaint, nice buildings, and cute shops. It sounded interesting.

Bath is known as the city of ships, and this is obvious when we noticed the city logo. We took a walk along Commercial Street, which runs along the harbor but nothing much was happening. We walked through a green space with trees and grass. It was serene. We then looped back onto Front Street, and popped into Dot’s Ice Cream Shop for a cool treat. They’re very generous with their scoops, a single scoop is all you need!

We enjoyed our ice cream in the City Park in front of the Patten Free Library. It’s a very pretty park and opposite the library is the Chocolate church. The church is white on the outside.

Our visit to Bath was brief and uneventful. I wish there was more happening in the town when we visited but I did enjoy seeing Bath. There is a a wholesome quality about the town that I appreciated, a town I could see myself relocating to and raising a family.


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