To Acadia and back

TH and I began our second day in Maine bright, and relatively early. We had about a four drive ahead of us to Acadia National Park, and wanted to be on the road by 8:30am after breakfast.

The drive to Acadia was straight forward though we made a few stops along the way. We drove through cute towns, stopped in some to stretch our legs. We also made a stop at a food shop, Market Basket. TH has been raving about about their soups, and I think he was also looking forward to stopping in too. I got a sticky bun that was fresh out of the oven, and it was damn tasty! Had I known how good it was, I would have bought the whole tray!

Sticky buns

We arrived at Acadia around 1pm, bought our admissions pass at the visitor center and drown to the highest peak, Cadillac Mountain. The sun came out every now again to offer some brightness and warmth. The views from Cadillac Mountain were incredible! Beautiful lakes, lush islands, and lands beyond. It was quite beautiful to see a part of Maine from the top.

When heading back down, the clouds parted and we stopped at another look out to admire the views of Acadia from there. It was just amazing to see how vast the park is.

Frenchman Bay


Our next destination was Jordan Pond to have lunch. There is only one restaurant in Acadia and that is the one next to Jordan Pond. They are famous for their pop-overs; a treat that TH has been looking forward to since morning. TH explained that when he visited as a child with his family, the restaurant was a simple shack that served food and pop-overs. They’ve since built a functioning restaurant with indoor seating and there is a gift shop.

We sat outside. The view of Jordan Pond and the mountains beyond was the perfect backdrop of having lunch in the great outdoors. The skies were overcast once again but it helped to diffuse the sunlight. There were no umbrellas at the tables.

We each ordered a stew and two (2) pop-overs each. TH had the seafood stew while i had the lobster stew. the pop-overs were fantastic! They’re very light and have a nice chew. It’s served with butter and strawberry jam. We started with one each before our stews arrived and finished our lunch with the second round.

TH enjoyed his seafood stew but I was a bit disappointed that the lobster stew was not as hearty as I expect for a stew. It was a generous serving of lobster chunks in a buttery, creamy lobster broth. Though there was a packet of oyster crackers, which I poured into the bowl.

After lunch, we walked around Jordan Pond. I couldn’t help but notice how crystal clear the water was. TH added that the water is also cold. The pond looked like it would be a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. TH again added the temperature would still be cold though people have been known to jump in.

Jordan Pond

It began to rain as we left Jordan Pond and headed towards Sandy Beach. I wanted to see what a beach is like in Maine. When I think of Maine, I think of forests and rocky coasts and cliffs above waves. To my surprise, Sandy Beach is literally a sandy beach. The weather was a bit windy and we couldn’t tell if the water we were being pelted with was rainwater or sea breeze. I only had enough time to take this photo.

Sandy beach

TH was all excited about showing me Thunder Hole. He explained that when he was young, he would be amazed by Thunder Hole. It was an inlet along the rocky coast that would erupt in a thunderous roar when the waves crashed into it. The waves would crash and splash upwards, TH described. When we got there, Thunder Hole was not as spectacular as he had remembered but it was still nice to see Maine’s ocean coast. There were a couple of teenage girls frolicking on the rocks beyond the fenced area. Their parents watched them from the fenced platform.

Thunder Hole

Rocky coast

We headed to another look out point, this one seemed a bit precarious. We walked down some steps and stood atop some boulders overlooking the coast. We could hear an instructors below us teaching people to climb.

Before leaving, TH and I returned to Jordan Pond so I may take a few pictures of a characteristic house I had noticed when we were there earlier. There aren’t many buildings or notable structures associated with Acadia National Park. The house is called Jordan Pond gate house, and it’s a beautiful brick and stone building with a steep pitched roof and windows made up of circular glass, an architectural detail I don’t see very often but heard of.

Jordan Pond gate house

Carriage house - 2


We completed our day in Acadia with dinner in Southwest Harbor at Fiddler’s Green, followed by a 4-hour drive back to Portland with a stop at a famous diner called Moody’s. I don’t know why it’s famous. TH had explained that it just was.


6 responses to “To Acadia and back

  1. Sounds like a great trip. The pond definitely looked inviting mate, what with the hot weather you guys have been having.

  2. Looks beautiful. My wife always talks about how beautiful the east coast is, but i have yet to make it out there. Pictures like this move it quickly up the list 🙂

  3. These are one of the few times I have traveled within the USA. I prefer to travel abroad. I’ve been to Vancouver twice and will return again in August. I love it in Vancouver! We went as far as Whistler. It’s really beautiful out in British Columbia.

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