Allagash Brewing Co.

Allagash Brewing Co.

One of the things we have said we would do when we returned to Portland, Maine is to visit Allagash Brewing Co. They are makers of some of our favorite beers like their Allagash White, a refreshing drink with a beautiful cloudy golden color. TH and I went on a tour of their brewery, which included a limited tasting.

Allagash is less than 30 minutes outside of Portland by car. They are located in an industrial park, where there are other industrial businesses including another brewery, Maine Beer Company. TH has also enjoyed their beers. They produce a beer that we saw in Whole Foods, which we should have bought at the time. It has a cute name and the description sounded interesting! MBC was closed on the day we visited Allagash.

Mean Old Tom

Not surprisingly, many people showed up for the 11am brewery tour and tasting. We all gathered inside, which was both the gift shop and tasting area. TH and I looked over the souvenirs and decided what we were going to leave with.


Prince Tuesday
The tour started with the tasting; four of their beers. They set up all the glasses and poured each glass with the white; their wheat based beer. Each tasting was accompanied with a bit of information about the history of Allagash as well as how each of the beers were brewed to achieve their unique flavors. The pour for each tasting was very generous – I was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. The later three tastings each have a rather high alcohol content.

Today's tasting

At first, I was a little surprised that we started the tour with the tasting. I later realized it was better to start with the tasting because the tour allowed the effects of the alcohol to wear off. The brewery was not in operation on day we visited so it was a relatively quiet tour, which made it easier to hear our guide though I wasn’t really paying attention because I was too busy taking photos.

Inside the operation of Allagash


Even though Allagash recently moved into their current operating space, which is much larger than what they started off with, the tour was completed within 15 minutes. Like everyone else on the tour, we left with a couple of beers and t-shirts.

Allagash Brewing Co.


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