Fore Street

If you were not paying attention, you could easily walk past one of the best restaurants in Portland even though there is a sign. As the name states, the restaurant is located on Fore Street – the north end. The restaurant is a low-key brick building with large factory windows made of steel. The red brick building resembles a garage or industrial workshop. The building is made even more inconspicuous by the contemporary and taller buildings flanking on either side.

Fore Street

Once inside, you will find yourself swept into an atmosphere buzzing with joy and merriment. You will be warmly greeted and invited for a drink at the bar or seated as per reservation. You will be led into the restaurant with exposed brick walls and timber framing. The kitchen is also exposed, feeding the restaurant’s energetic atmosphere. Expect a friendly and warm service that’s about making sure your experience at Fore Street is an enjoyable evening.

The menu is seasonal, fresh, and for the most part, locally sourced. The list of dishes is extensive, and can satisfy most dietary desires. Don’t waste your time, you will not find a current menu online – you will have to trust me.

On a recent visit, we started with half a dozen oysters; briny and delightful!

We shared an exotic mushroom and spinach salad. The best part were the apple bacon profiteroles.

For the main course, TH went with the marinated Maine farm rabbit, which was more than he could finish. I decided to get two small-sized dishes like the wood oven roasted heritage pork belly and the wood grilled New England quail.
half a dozen oysters

Exotic Mushroom And Spinach Salad

Wood Oven Roasted Heritage Pork Belly

The pork belly is the best I have ever had, and I’ve had pork belly at many fine places. Each piece melted with perfect sweet and savory flavors of fig and cipollini. The accompaniment of the anise from fennel slaw enhanced the delectable pork.

Our dining experience was completed with a warm chocolate cake for TH and a yogurt panna cotta with roasted figs por moi.


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