Old Port Festival

Old Port

It just happened that when I planned this trip, it was the weekend of the 39th Annual Old Port Festival. The festival is an event that featured live music, food, shopping, and a foot parade. It was a nice way to spend half a day before our return to NYC.

The festival started with a foot parade featuring the pipe and drum corps in their Irish regalia though they were going around different parts of Old Port showing off their skills.

Maine public safety pipe and drum corps



There were also characters from sports teams that walked down the path, waving to the crowds and handing out stickers to children. Then came the main feature, the Shoestring Theater puppet parade. The puppets were impressive and colorful! Some were huge and required a bit more mechanical to move them. People of all ages participated in the puppet parade.

Puppet parade

Puppet parade

Puppet Parade

Puppet Parade

The live music venues were set up around Old Port and isolated from each other. One of the music venues was set up to promote a summer rock camp. Most of the music was rock with a bit of country.

State Theatre



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