TH and I indulged in a foot soak, foot massage, and a pot of tea each at Soakology. The idea of treating our tired feet to a hot soak of herbs and essential oils and a massage sounded great after especially after walking around during the Old Port Festival.


Soakology is all about pampering your feet. There are a variety of soaks to cater to your needs. They also offer services for your face and shoulders but we were only interested in treating our tired tootsies to a luxurious soak and massage.

And while we were at Soakology, we enjoyed quality teas with incredible cookies – olive and rosemary shortbread! I can’t stop reminiscing about those cookies! Savory bits of black olives mixed into a sweet shortbread. Loved the combination of textures and flavors.

Tea time

olive and rosemary shortbread

We were eventually led downstairs, behind sheer drapes, and onto plush arm chairs that were raised. The space is dimly lit with apothecary bottles of essential oils and herbs adorning the walls. We then submerged our bare feet into large copper tubs filled with smooth luxurious warm water with essential oils and smooth river rocks to stimulate the circulation in our feet.


Our therapist then began to diligently massage our feet and toes; loosening the knots and kinks in the muscles. I enjoyed the attention to my feet with my eyes closed, and almost dozed off. Upon request, the tub may be filled with more warm water after our initial soak. We got two more refills; upon starting the foot massage and then after the foot massage.

This was a welcomed treat that we were looking forward to. It’s a very popular service especially during the weekend so word to the wise, book in advance!


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