Dean’s Sweets

One of the things I have been looking forward to about returning to Portland, Maine are the chocolate truffles from Dean’s Sweets. I’m not a chocolate fiend however, I do occasionally indulge in fine chocolates. It’s been two years since I’ve savored the rich chocolatey sweets from Dean’s.

Dean’s Sweets Truffles

Dean’s Sweets Truffles

Dean’s Sweets sells handmade chocolate confections. His specialty is crafting truffles from the finest chocolates and pairing them with spices, liqueurs, and even cheeses. The assortment I brought home included an interesting combination of apricot and cheese, and a chocolate truffle that was paired with wasabi. Both very interesting and complimentary in their uniqueness. Some of my favorite truffle flavors includes Scotch, cinnamon, super cayenne, champagne, and ginger.

**The chocolates were enjoyed before I had a chance to photograph them so the photos in this post are from Dean’s Sweets website.**


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