A bumpy start

I’m currently in Vancouver. Nicole, a good friend of mine is getting married to her fiancé, Ian. I’m happy for them both and wanted to share in their celebration and union.

I had an early morning start with a connecting flight in Seattle, WA. The flight was okay Delta and then Alaska Horizon. I was able to sleep some albeit uncomfortably and with a lot of head jerking.

Connecting to Vancouver

Then as I was making my way to downtown in a taxi, I became aware that there was a mix up with the accommodations and the thought of not having a place to stay for a night dawned in me. I instructed the driver to take me to the closest hotel I knew of and is also near my friend.

Luckily, Nicole came to the rescue amidst her busy schedule of wedding preparations, and offered me a place to crash for the night. I was embarrassed but grateful and relieved.
Send help!

Tomorrow is a new day and things will hopefully get back on track after a good nights rest.


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