A return to Vancouver

Getting away to Vancouver for six days was a much needed break. The wedding was beautiful and fun. My friend and the bride, Nicole, looked stunning!

Unlike my previous visits to Vancouver, I spent my days in the city. I considered a day trip to a nearby island but wasn’t able to make it on a ferry without reservation. I’m glad I didn’t go. I’ll save it for when I return next time.

Robson Square

The weather in Vancouver was perfect – sunny and cool. There was a morning where it rained but it quickly cleared and it was sunny the rest of the day. Outside of bridal and wedding related get togethers, I spent my time in different neighborhoods of Vancouver that I didn’t get to fully explore the last couple of times I was there. I thoroughly walked around Yaletown, enjoyed Granville Island, Downtown, and Canada Place. I even walked all the way around Stanley Park.

Yaletown Urbanscape

And, of course, no trip is complete without me eating well and enjoying some refreshing libations. I didn’t quite feast at fine restaurants but I certainly indulged on some fantastic local seafood. Of the restaurants I ate at, I really enjoyed Finch’s Tea and Coffee House and YEW. These establishments are polar opposites of each other in terms of the kinds of food served and ambiance. One is upscale while the other is very casual.

Stay tuned as I go into more details about my visit to Vancouver, which includes a few travel tips and a product review.


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