I spent the day walking around Yaletown on Friday. While I was in the neighborhood, I got my eyebrows threaded at Bombay Brow. They did a pretty good job. I wasn’t crazy about the brow make-up application. Mainly because I’m not used to having make-up applied to my eyebrows.

Yaletown is a neighborhood bustling with caffes, bars, and restaurants as well as some interesting shops specifically the historic part of Yaletown. I like the architecture of old Yaletown. The masonry warehouses are reminders of the neighborhoods rail yard history. And as a result, many of the warehouses are raised on platforms to access the trains that pulled in. Some of the buildings retain the wide spanning canopies.


I had a lovely lunch at Rodney’s Oyster House where I enjoyed a refreshing Sun God Wheat Ale, a few BC oysters (kumimoto, mattaki, fanny bay, and kusshi), and a crab cake with side salad. Rodney’s was a busy place. I sat at the bar where I watched them steam up shellfish like mussels or heat up some chowder! The oysters were being shucked nearby too!


British Columbian oysters

crab cake

Another part of Yaletown I enjoy is along the waterfront of False Creek. The architecture is contemporary and (IMO) attractive. The buildings and waterfront make for a very beautiful skyline that seem unique to Vancouver.

Watery Stonehenge


Brush with Illumination

And I have to mention this sculpture in the water of False Creek. I always thought it was a weird looking sculpture. It looks kinda like a rocket or a missile but then there are these two tethered metal balls that seem to float on top of the water. It’s called “Brush with Illumination” by Buster Simpson. I’m not sure what it’s about but it looks rather phallic to me…


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