Ladies’ night out

A stagette was organized to celebrate Nicole’s last days of being a single woman. We all met for dinner at the Cactus Club in English Bay Park. Once everyone arrived, Nicole presented a small token to each guest. They were handcrafted fascinators made by the bride and the bride’s maids. I thought everyone looked great with their fascinators.


Once we were seated, fluted glasses filled with champagne were passed around; courtesy of the bride’s mom who helped us to secure a table at the restaurant. The restaurant does not take reservations. We toasted the bride-to-be.


The evening continued with more drinks, food, and conversation. There was also a bridal game that began with questioning how well did the soon-to-be bride know her husband-to-be with regard to herself. Some of the other questions and tasks were not appropriate for a restaurant setting.

At the Cactus Club

Food at the Cactus Club

The night was still young so we moved the party to a gay bar for some karaoke. I’ve never been to a gay bar so it was a novel experience. Unlike the last bridal karaoke experience, this karaoke was open to all customers in a separate room with a viewing window (similar to a recording studio) where you could look in from the main bar. Customers took turns singing. And some joined in too!


We selected some fun songs across different genres and decades. There was a song by Johnny Cash and one by Maroon 5, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, and “I want your sex” by George Michaels – to name a few. Nicole was a great sport singing all the songs even attempting the rather difficult “Gold digger” by Kanye West.



One response to “Ladies’ night out

  1. Looks liike a great night. Karaoke rocks! Or is that Karaoke on the rocks? Brave to do it with an audience!! Congrats to the bride.
    I love your photos of the food and restaurant. I wish I had seen them before going out to buy lunch just now. I dont think there is EVER an excuse to serve bad steamed rice. As such, it was not enough to lift a barely passable chiili and basil chicken stirfry out of culinary mediocrity.
    I have been hugely busy these last few weeks mate.

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