Granville Island

I meant to catch a ferry to Bowen Island without reservation on Granville Island but ended up spending a lovely Saturday afternoon on G. Island instead.

Granville Island Harbor

Granville Island is one my favorite places to visit in Vancouver. It’s a charming island that features artistic and crafted endeavors. There’s an art school, theater, shops selling artwork and handcrafted items, a bustling public market, a brewery and several restaurants and bars. Granville Island is accessible by Aquabus from Yaletown. It costs $7 CAD round trip. One of the things I enjoy about the ferry to Granville Island, are the passing views of sailboats and the waterfront. I especially like these particular set of houses on the water.

along the waterfront

houses and boats

houses along the waterfront

After realizing I could not get onto the ferry to Bowen Island because they were booked and a couple of walk-ons showed up before me, I decided to checked out the food stalls at the Public Market as one does when they arrive on Granville Island. The public market is one of the main attractions on the island. Everything looked tempting! It was almost difficult to restrain myself from buying this and that. Good thing I was short on cash and I wasn’t going to put anything on my credit card if it didn’t exceed a certain amount.

Sorry, I don’t have any snapshots of the yummy treats at the Public Market.

public market

I decided to have lunch at Bridges, which has outdoor seating and great views of the sea. Lunch was a refreshing dark & stormy cocktail and a dungeness crab and halibut fish cake sandwich with a side Cesare salad.

Burrard Bridge


Dark and stormy

I stopped into a couple of shops I didn’t get a chance to explore during past visits; Silk Weaving Studio (I’ll have a separate post for the SWS) and Malaspina Printmakers Gallery.

I have an appreciation for the art of printmaking. It is such an interesting medium of creating and “reproducing” art. I took a class in silkscreen during college and later when I was working, I took a class for etching. Both were fun.

photo linked from

The last time I was here, the gallery was closed so I was glad to see them open. As I entered the gallery, a couple was finalizing their purchase of some pieces. The gallery had some interesting prints pinned up to the white walls but unfortunately, nothing compelled me to take one home. Well, there was one but it was beyond my price range. I was glad to see the work that the gallery represented. I look forward to returning again and come away with a beautiful print.


Granville Island is also home to a cement manufacturing company, Ocean Construction. You can see the building/silos when ferrying in from Yaletown. Some of their cement trucks are painted with playful designs.

Cement truck

I find it interesting that Granville Island has some light industry. There’s also a brewery on the island. I didn’t have time to visit that. I’ll have to make the visit next time.

Time passed quickly, and I needed to return to the mainland and freshen up for cocktails with the bride and groom. The next day would be the main event.


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