Silk Weaving Studio

After wandering around the Public Market, I walked around the area under the Granville Bridge and the edge of the island. I was lured by the familiar sounds of a water fountain. And then I noticed a beautifully woven scarf in the shop window of the Silk Weaving Studio.

Upon entering the shop, I immediately noticed the skeins of jewel colored silk yarns that hang together on a wall. An array of beautifully woven scarves, shawls, garments, and accessories are displayed throughout the shop. Some hang from the wall while others are worn by mannequins. The Silk Weaving Studio is a working studio and shop dedicated to the art and craft of weaving.

silk weaving studio

silk weaving studio

woven garments

I was fascinated by the intricate details of the various woven garments and scarves but I was especially enamored by a particular open woven pattern like this shawl pictured below. I can’t begin to comprehend how something like this was made. As soon as I saw this lovely open woven pattern, I knew I had to have one for myself.

open weave shawl

open weave

The shop is not very big but I spent a good hour just looking through their collection of scarves. There was just so much to choose from! Everything was a one-off, or a variation of a pattern. The combination and use of colors made them each unique. Given the handcrafted nature of the woven items, any item from the Silk Weaving Studio would make a special gift to give and/or an indulgent treat.

silk weaving studio

silk weaving studio

The Silk Weaving Studio is tended to by several weavers. One was on duty on the day I stopped. Kathy was very friendly and helpful with my questions. I highly recommend visiting this shop while on Granville Island. It’s a wonderful specialty shop selling unique gifts.

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