Canada Place

Port Metro Vancouver

The Canadian Trail

Canada Place

On the morning of the wedding day, I went for a stroll along Canada Place. I had no clue what Canada Place is and then I quickly realized that it is a cruise ship terminal. I later found out that Canada Place is much more.

I was surprised by how immense these cruise ships are. They look like floating buildings. I’ve only seen cruise ships from a distance in the New York harbor but I think these are even bigger than the ones that pass through NYC. I watched briefly as passengers boarded the ship and were handed fluted glasses of champagne or mimosa. I thought to myself that I’d like to go on a cruise.





The views from Canada Place are incredible! The sea. Mountains in the distance. Trees. Activity happening in the harbor.


Vancouver Harbour

The harbor at Canada Place is a great location to watch a few seaplanes take off and land in the sea. I’ve never witnessed this. Maybe one day, I’ll experience a flight on board a seaplane.




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