A wedding in Vancouver

Nicole & Ian's Wedding

This is the third wedding I’ve traveled to. The last two, I was honored to be part of the wedding party as one of the bride’s maids. Even still, I feel honored as an invited guest. The wedding was an intimate affair that included family and close friends.

The wedding took place at Brix restaurant, which worked well as thep venue and reception. The restaurant was through a darkened brick tunnel, which led to an open courtyard with a skylight above. I arrived early to see the courtyard decorated with the vertical banner of large prints of white flowers against yellow, and various flowers that fit the wedding colors – whites and yellows.

Wedding flowers

The full wedding color palette was black, white, grey, and yellow. The black and white being traditionally formal. The grey is a nice transition between the two contrasting colors. And the yellow added a happy summery cheer.

The ceremony was beautiful and very intimate. The guests gathered around once the bride and groom were brought together before the officiant. Nicole looked stunning in her elegant white dress and Ian looked very handsome in his grey suit.


Wedding The celebration that followed after the bride and groom kissed was filled with good food, great conversation and stories, and lots of dancing.


Fun times


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