Drinking, eating, & merriment – Part 3

After walking around a quiet Portland on the first day of 2013, we were happy to see that Sonny’s Restaurant and Lounge was open! Sonny’s is located on the end of the Post Office Plaza. We were seated at a table looking through the trees in the snow-covered park. TH joked that I probably wanted to build a snowman in the park.

Post Office Plaza

The menu is Cuban-Latin influence while their cocktails are modern interpretations of classics as well as inventive. I like that the cocktails are listed by spirits used to make the cocktails. I zeroed in on the gin cocktails, of course and tried the Salty Dog because it was made with a locally distilled gin called Cold River. The Salty Dog is made with Cold River gin, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, with infused salt rim and dash of peach bitters. Cheers!

Salty Dog

Cheese burger

Chili Relleno

For food, I noticed there were two options with pork belly! Braised Pork Belly with seared queso blanco and served with rice and beans. The other option, and recommended by our waitress is the Chili Relleno, which I went with. Basically it is a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with pork belly and queso blanco, and finished with salsa roja. It was the perfect portion and delicious with a succulent piece of pork belly though I could do without the queso blanco. I also enjoyed TH’s yam fries, which is served with his cheeseburger.

* * * * *

East End cupcakes

I was pleased to see that East End Cupcakes was also open on January 1st. It’s a cute cupcake shop with an equally cute and festive window display! I got the last red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and TH got a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The cupcakes from East End are perfect sized with just the right amount of frosting to compliment the cupcake. Their cupcakes are moist and make a wonderful treat.

chocolate cupcake

red velvet cupcake.

* * * * *

Prior to returning to NYC, TH and I enjoyed lunch at The Merry Table Creperie on Wharf Street. We first came upon the Creperie for breakfast on January 1, 2010. They were the only place opened at that time. As you may realize, MTC serves crepes and other French dishes like cassoulet and beef bourguignon. They serve both savory and sweet crepes. The portion is ideal. A single thin layer of cooked batter filled with various ingredients, folded neatly into something that resembles a purse with a vinaigrette dressed side salad.
The Merry Table Creperie

Inside the Merry Table Creperie

TH enjoyed a cordon bleu crepe, which is a crepe filled with chicken, Black Forest ham, blue cheese, Swiss cheese and béchamel sauce. I opted for the Mexican crepe. It is filled with shrimp, fresh Maine lobster, and green chilis. What made it “Mexican” is the accompaniment of sour cream and guacamole. I also enjoyed a celebratory last cocktail, the James Bond martini. It is made with Hendricks gin, Square one vodka, and Lillet. It is quite a generous cocktail but I finished it!

James Bond martini

Cordon Bleu crepe

Mexican crepe

When it comes to crepes, I must have a sweet one – preferably one filled with marron (chestnut) paste. But since they did not offer this, I went with a crepe filled with mascarpone cheese and topped with red wine poached apples and pears. It was the perfect end to our lunch, and our journey back to the Big Apple.

Automne crepe

* * * * *



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