Massages at Nine Stone Spa

I was able to book an appointment at the Nine Stones Spa for a couples massage. Massages to detox 2012 were what we needed to start 2013 – relaxed and refreshed. The services we received by our therapist at Nine Stones Spa were warm, tailored, and professional. They reviewed our expectations with us and they welcomed input of any pressure adjustments during the treatments, which was not needed. The room where we received our treatments was comfortable with natural light filtering in through the translucent windows. I smiled happily when we walked into the room.

Couples massage room; photo by Macomber Inc.

After 90 minutes of being rubbed and stretched, we emerged from Nine Stones Spa feeling refreshed and relaxed. During the treatments, I thought he had fallen asleep because it sounded like he was snoring. He admitted that the therapist was so good with her hands that he admitted that whatever made him feel congested, was released and he felt better.  I just wanted to relax, and my therapist helped to loosen some of the knots in my shoulders and neck.

An appointment for a massage at Nine Stones Spa was the perfect way to spend a couple of hours in the morning before lunch. The 90 minute massage is a great value. The staff is friendly. The space is comfortable and relaxing, and located by the harbor.

Photos of Nine Stones Spa, Portland
This photo of Nine Stones Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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