Phillip Seymour Hoffman

TH and I got on a discussion of which actor would portray him in a hypothetical movie based on a series of fictitious misadventures with a dwarf hamster, and a bottle of seemingly innocuous liquid that I have yet to write. This hypothetical movie is supposed to be a comedy.

We started with actors who I thought TH resembled like Kevin Costner, or Harrison Ford. TH has described Ford as the actor who plays guys always having a bad day, which suits how I see TH at times though I think Costner would be a better fit because he has played many characters that remind me of TH in character and temperament. Message in a Bottle or The Upside of Anger are movies that make me think of TH.

Then we talked about possible British actors like Alan Rickman who TH has described as the dour man from that series of magic movies. Rickman and TH share a similar facial expression that I would describe as glum. Rickman seems to portray many of his roles with a quiet solemness, which would be an exaggerated but amusing interpretation of TH. I like Rickman’s dry delivery of some of his comedic roles like January Man or Galaxy Quest.

TH is a fan of Bill Nighy. I think Mr. Nighy would portray TH with some level of authenticity. I liked his portrayal of Douglas Ainslie in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, which reminded me a bit of TH.

I also thought it would be interesting if Gary Oldman could be casted as TH. He is one of my favorite actors. I’d be very curious about how he would interpret some of TH’s characteristics. He’s such an intense actor but I think down to earth in real-life.

Then I threw out of all names, Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was a little odd that he came to mind. PSH does not look anything like TH, and so TH was offended that Hoffman was even considered. Of the actors we have named, Hoffman is the least attractive. I defended my suggestion. He was a very talented actor, which he agreed. I’ve seen enough movies of Hoffman playing various types of characters that i can see them amalgamated to be somewhat representative of TH though I think the movie would be less comedic and more dramatic.

It was a bit out of the ordinary that Philip Seymour Hoffman came to mind. He’s not an actor that I think about at all but then his name popped in my head when casting actors to play this hypothetical character. And then I learned about his death the next day, which was an eerie coincidence. It’s a shame that his life was cut short, and it was due to drug addiction. I think I am more sad about Hoffman having struggled with drug addiction than his death. To be honest, it didn’t surprise me when I learned he died from drugs but it makes me sad that a talented man as Hoffman needed these kinds of stimulants.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was in Scent of a Woman. He played a privileged jerk at a private school for boys. I didn’t know who he was at the time but he convinced me he was a class A prick. We went to see The Talented Mr. Ripley. I liked Jude Law at the time but Hoffman was memorable in that movie. The movie I want to see but have not yet is Synecdoche. And the last movie I watched that featured Philip Seymour Hoffman was Doubt.


He will be missed…


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