You can find me on Vine

If you’re already following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I am on Vine. I’ve posted a few clips, and you can find my clips here.

For those of you not yet familiar with Vine, it is an app that allows you to record up to 6 seconds of video and post them online to the Vine network and other social media sites like Twitter.

At first, I was skeptical about Vine and how useful it would be to me and how I’d be able to relate with the rest of the social media world. I had a few on and off moments with Vine before I accepted it as one of my social media tools. Besides sharing some of my moments in and around NYC and afar, I realized Vine would be a great way to share foods. I already share food via a popular app. Sharing food via Vine made sense to me. It’s just one step before smell-o-vision.

Feel free to follow me on Vine.
Or follow me on Twitter and catch them on your Twitter feed.


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